Sonic Scapes

Sonic Scapes is an interactive, generative design installation that looks to explore how perceptive connections between sound and color can be used to encourage behavior through intuitive interaction. Sound and color are examined as parallel properties with shared traits, behaviors and sensory appeal. The project and installation was my MFA thesis. 

The installation consists of a series of programs built in Processing that translate real-time sound – pitch, volume, and timbre – into visual, generative compositions, to exchange one sensory experience for another. Visuals from these 'audiograph' programs are projected onto large textile banners, works of photography further manipulated based on sound wave recordings of specific environments. The goal of the overall interface environment is to evoke a sense of place not fully captured through just photography or video and use imagery to connect users more intuitively with technology interfaces. Each program also functions purely as a work of generative design. 

A portion of this project was inspired by sound/color synesthesia. Audio input generates graphic output, via color, form and fluidity, removed from text, language and cultural associations. The programs also allow for user-customized control over color and form to cultivate personal experiences that are not commonly found in traditional digital engagement. The goal of this project was to explore how intuitive connections between sensory faculties, aural and visual, can be used as a method of interaction with technology that establishes deeper levels of communication and creative synergy. The influence of simulated environments is also incorporated into this cross-sensory paradigm, to explore how this project can provoke states ranging from fear to creativity, meditation, and growth.