Hello world.

My name is Márit. I'm a designer, coder, educator, Minneapolis native, and a northern wanderer at heart. At the moment I reside in Illinois where I taught design at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 

My work is fueled by the idea that all design influences, manipulates, and shapes human behaviors and perceptions on some level. I’m driven to explore the effects of multi-sensory interfaces as well as specific design elements – such as material, color, sound, and light – on changing human behavior. I believe in using this understanding of the persuasive capability of design and technology to create tools that cultivate the things that make us human: creativity, empathy, altruism, play, future-thinking, and the expression of emotion. As boundaries between cyberspace and physical spaces degenerate, and modalities of human-computer interaction increase rapidly in complexity, the role of evidence-based design becomes paramount in constructing interfaces and tangible products that can positively influence how we interact with information, with our perceptions and presentations of ourselves, and with each other. 

I believe there is great opportunity for emerging technology to improve certain cognitive skills, but I strongly believe technology that is intuitive and emotional at its core has the greatest capacity right now to teach creativity and empathy. I explore how design facilitates engagement in digital and hybrid environments, removed from as many cultural and social constructs as possible, to provide enriched, effortless interaction experiences.

As a design researcher I also believe that everything is a method of interaction, including ideas. I study how design can be used in learning materials to teach and develop creativity and design thinking skills. Powerful design promotes an intuitive and emotional connection in all of our interactions. Design thinking facilitates these interactions: through the communication of ideas, emotions, reactions, and engagement with our world. The development of creative ideas helps develop empathy and expands the potential for networked interaction.

I hold an MFA in Graphic Design from the University of Minnesota, with a related research focus in Educational & Cognitive Psychology, Creativity, and Learning Technologies. In addition to design, research, and teaching, I have a creative background in web design, illustration, photography, and game design.

My name is pronounced a bit like pirate-speak. I'm always looking for creative collaborative opportunities! Chat with me by email: marit@subnotion.com or marit@illinois.edu or just click the email button below. 

My experimental interaction space is under renovation, but can be found at: subnotion.com.